Road Safety Fundamentals


Concepts, Strategies, and Practices that Reduce Fatalities and Injuries on the Road


This book provides an introduction to many of the fundamental concepts of road safety.

These concepts cover areas such as the nature of road safety issues, human behavior in the road environment, and identifying and solving road safety problems.

The goal of this book is to equip the reader with a broad base of knowledge about road safety.

Thus, the focus of the text is in communicating concepts rather than providing instruction in detailed analysis procedures.

The audience for this book is two-fold. First, this is intended for those whose job addresses some aspect of road safety, particularly in a public agency setting.

This is especially relevant for individuals who have been tasked with managing road safety but who do not have formal training in road safety management. In order to show practical applications of each road safety concept, this book contains many examples that demonstrate the concepts in real-world settings.

Second, this book is intended for professors and students in a university setting who can use individual units or this entire book to add an emphasis on road safety as part of graduatelevel work. Each unit provides learning objectives and sample exercises to assist professors as they incorporate content into their courses.

As a final note, this book is intended to lay the foundation of road safety knowledge regardless of a particular discipline.

Professionals with a background in engineering, planning, public health, law enforcement, and other disciplines will benefit from the concepts presented here.


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