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The International Labour Organization’s Recommendation concerning the List of Occupational Diseases and the Recording and Notification of Occupational Accidents and Diseases, 2002 (No. 194), was adopted at the 90th Session of the International Labour Conference.

The Committee which was established and entrusted by the Conference in 2002 to work on Recommendation No. 194 requested the Governing Body of the International Labour Office (ILO) to update the list of occupational diseases annexed to this Recommendation in accordance with the mechanism stipulated in Paragraph 3 of the Recommendation as a matter of priority.

To this end, two Meetings of Experts were organized by the ILO, one in 2005 and one in 2009, which established a new list of occupational diseases. This new list was approved by the Governing Body at its 307th Session in March 2010.

It replaces the one adopted in 2002 in the Annex to Recommendation No. 194 and can be referred to as the “List of occupational diseases (revised 2010)”. This list of occupational diseases is designed to assist countries in the prevention, recording, notification and, if applicable, compensation of diseases caused by work.



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